Policy Briefs and Documents

Policy Briefs and Documents


 Learning packs- Ghana

Female Genital Schistosomiasis (FGS) Learning Pack

Learning packs- Nigeria

COUNTDOWN Learning Pack- Kaduna State

COUNTDOWN Leaning Pack- Ogun State

COUNTDOWN School-based Learning Pack- Kaduna State

COUNTDOWN School-based Learning Pack- Ogun State 

Informing policy using research evidence.

The Gender Dimensions of Neglected Tropical Diseases- factsheet

Shaping health systems to include people with disabilities (K4D)

Connecting WASH with NTDs - A Cross-sector imperative (COUNTDOWN-IDS Collaboration)

Community drug distributors for mass drug administration in neglected tropical disease programmes: A systematic review and analysis of policy documents


Integrating a gender, equity and human rights focus into national programming on preventive chemotherapy and transmission control for NTDs: A focus on Kwara State, Nigeria

A Scoping Review of Nigerian Neglected Tropical Disease Literature: Annotated Bibliography

A Summary of the Neglected Tropical Disease Policy Context in Nigeria

Community engagement in neglected tropical disease treatment in Nigeria: Rethinking the needs of varying and emergent contexts

Human Resource Constraints Affecting Community Directed Treatment for Neglected Tropical Diseases: A challenging model for Nigeria’s frontline workers

Expanding the National Coordination Platform for Neglected Tropical Diseases in Nigeria to Reach Local Levels and Improve Partner Coordination

Financial and Non-Financial Resource Challenges for the Nigerian Neglected Tropical Disease Programme


Neglected Tropical Diseases Communication Strategy 2019-23

Implementing and integrating NTD programmes in Liberia: Reflections from key stakeholders

Neglected Tropical Diseases and the Health Workforce: Challenges affecting effective implementation of Mass Drug Administration (MDA) in Liberia

Alternate and Enhanced Community Engagement for the Liberian Neglected Tropical Disease Programme : Community Perspectives on Mass Drug Administration


Experiences with Female Genital Schistosomiasis: A Neglected and Misunderstood Disease


Mapping the Elimination of Schistosomiasis: Using Precision Mapping to better target interventions

Towards Elimination of Schistosomiasis and STH: Key considerations for expanded treatment in communities

Learning from the past to improve community engagement for mass administration of medicines for neglected tropical diseases in Cameroon