Policy Briefs and Documents

Policy Briefs and Documents

 Policy briefs are included in COUNTDOWN’s extensive list of open-access documents and all relevant material can be found below. Policy briefs and documents are an essential source of information and serve the purpose of allowing key policy makers to make informed decisions. 



Informing policy using research evidence.

The Gender Dimensions of Neglected Tropical Diseases- factsheet

Shaping health systems to include people with disabilities (K4D)

Connecting WASH with NTDs - A Cross-sector imperative (COUNTDOWN-IDS Collaboration)

Community drug distributors for mass drug administration in neglected tropical disease programmes: A systematic review and analysis of policy documents


Motivation and Incentive Preferences of Community Drug Distributors and Teachers for Mass Administration of Medicines for Neglected Tropical Diseases in Nigeria: Discrete Choice Experiments

Integrating a gender, equity and human rights focus into national programming on preventive chemotherapy and transmission control for NTDs: A focus on Kwara State, Nigeria

A Scoping Review of Nigerian Neglected Tropical Disease Literature: Annotated Bibliography

A Summary of the Neglected Tropical Disease Policy Context in Nigeria

Community engagement in neglected tropical disease treatment in Nigeria: Rethinking the needs of varying and emergent contexts

Human Resource Constraints Affecting Community Directed Treatment for Neglected Tropical Diseases: A challenging model for Nigeria’s frontline workers

Expanding the National Coordination Platform for Neglected Tropical Diseases in Nigeria to Reach Local Levels and Improve Partner Coordination

Financial and Non-Financial Resource Challenges for the Nigerian Neglected Tropical Disease Programme


Implementing and integrating NTD programmes in Liberia: Reflections from key stakeholders

Neglected Tropical Diseases and the Health Workforce: Challenges affecting effective implementation of Mass Drug Administration (MDA) in Liberia

Alternate and Enhanced Community Engagement for the Liberian Neglected Tropical Disease Programme : Community Perspectives on Mass Drug Administration

Principles for Promoting Resilient Health Systems in the Context of COVID-19 Response: Learning from Liberia


Experiences with Female Genital Schistosomiasis: A Neglected and Misunderstood Disease


Mapping the Elimination of Schistosomiasis: Using Precision Mapping to better target interventions

Towards Elimination of Schistosomiasis and STH: Key considerations for expanded treatment in communities

Learning from the past to improve community engagement for mass administration of medicines for neglected tropical diseases in Cameroon