Case Studies

Each year, the COUNTDOWN programme publishes case studies which demonstrate how research activities improve gender equality, equity and/or the situation of the most vulnerable. Links to all the case studies produced so far can be found below. 




"Never stop building our capacity": Findings about capacity strengthening from an international, interdisciplinary research progamme

The gender dimensions of neglected tropical diseases

The Role of Community Norms, Relations and Power in Community Drug Distributor Selection and Experience - Cameroon & Nigeria


The impact of COUNTDOWN research activities: a case study of Imeko Afon local government area; Ogun State: taking ownership of the mass administration of medicines implementation

Stories of living with neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) affecting the skin- a special photography exhibition in Nigeria

Dispelling rumor to improve acceptibility and assessibility of health interventions: Impact of the COUNTDOWN participatory action research in school-based deworming programme in Ogun, Nigeria

Developing sustainable tools to improve community engagement and enhance Neglected Tropical Diseases programme equity 

Piloting the WHO Gender, Equity and Human Rights (GER) Toolkit in Nigeria: The Kaduna Experience


Participatory research dissemination: Using innovative visual methods to strengthen community engagement on NTDs in Liberia

NTD-related stigma and mental health – putting wellbeing at the heart of NTD elimination - Liberia


Precision mapping for schistosomiasis: Better intervention targeting for scale-up, equity and future proofing essential drug delivery systems at times of crisis

Implementing Alternative Strategies for Onchocerciasis Control and Elimination in Cameroon

Implementing Alternative Strategies for Onchocerciasis Control and Elimination in Cameroon: Ending the Neglect of Onchodermatitis


Using Seasonal Calendar as a step towards understanding context complexities in Mass Drug Administration (MDA) in lymphatic filariasis “hotspot” areas in Ghana

Community Drug Distributors in the control of NTDs in Ghana: CDD and Health System perspectives

Understanding the Knowledge and Perceptions on Female Genital Schistosomiasis within Affected Communities in Ghana

Elimination within reach: Lymphatic Filariasis persists in rural Ghana due to sub-optimal intervention coverage and adherence

Exploring collaboration with the Global Polio Laboratory Network Platform to Screen for NTDs in Ghana