With a population nearing 5 million, Liberia is the most fragile of the COUNTDOWN countries, having recently emerged from conflict and the Ebola epidemic which paralysed an already weak health system. Liberia is currently endemic for onchocerciasis, lymphatic filariasis, and schistosomiasis.

The Liberia National Health Policy Plan is based on four key components:

i) basic package of health services

ii) human resources for health

iii) infrastructure development

iv) support systems

COUNTDOWN has developed a programme of work based on LSTMs ongoing LF and SCH (Integrated Control of Schistosomiasis in Africa [ICOSA]) activities. Key challenges here relate to how to strengthen the post conflict infrastructure deficit, motivate and retain health staff and community drug distributors which build sustainable, effective and integrated approaches to NTD control that strengthen the broader health system.

Source: WHO AFRO Liberia, National Health Policy & National Health Plan