University of Liberia - Pacific Institute for Research & Evaluation (UL-PIRE)

UL-PIRE has a wealth of experience in the delivery of health systems research projects as well as those that span other disciplines such as agriculture, water, sanitation and education.  Project evaluation, survey development and administration are core competence strength. With a strong focus on ethics and community engagement, UL-PIRE provide unique and innovative perspectives from the Liberian context.

Presently located on the Main Campus of the University of Liberia on Capitol Hill in Monrovia, Liberia, UL-PIRE is the first HIV/STD prevention research centre to be established at the University of Liberia.  The goal of the centre is to conduct prevention and clinical based projects in infectious diseases (e.g., HIV/AIDS, STDs, TB, etc). UL-PIRE has worked on handled research contracts with the government of the United States on issues relating to agriculture, forestry and HIV studies.

The research centre was very instrumental during the Ebola outbreak and participated in a Unicef-sponsored study on Knowledge, Attitude & Practices towards the Ebola virus disease in Liberia

UL-PIRE's vision is  "Committed to making positive impact on the health, safety and well-being of the nation and the world with whom we interact".

This institute's foundations are based on hard work and integrity and the institute seeks to change how research is conducted within Liberia.