Country Research

Country Research

COUNTDOWN's research questions respond to key implementation knowledge gaps at international, regional and national levels. They were developed through a consultative process involving NTD policy-makers, programme staff and researchers and through dialogue with communities involved. Research uptake and capacity strengthening lies at the heart of COUNTDOWN and best practice communications techniques are applied to ensure findings are packaged and disseminated to target audiences through a two-way process of dialogue and exchange. COUNTDOWN utilises an excellent international network for dissemination of policy-relevant research. 

COUNTDOWN is generating evidence on the following questions:

What are effective, cost effective, sustainable and acceptable current and complementary strategies for scale-up to meet the 2020 London Declaration goals and strengthen health systems?

What generalisable factors influence the acceptance, effectiveness, efficiency, and equity impact of scale-up within the health systems?

What are the most effective strategies to work with communities to extend the scale-up of mass drug administration programmes to include hard to reach communities?

How can integrating NTD programmes strengthen health systems, foster cross-sector working?

How can the impact of NTDs on poverty, disability (including mental health) be best measured and addressed?