Patrick Ndongmo

Patrick has extensive experience in research on Experimental animal models of infection, Studies of parasites and vectors of infectious diseases, ranging from molecular biology to field work. He has worked on research that has been able to validate the use of small animals (rodents) as a clinical model for drug screening against Onchocerciasis; and conducted clinical trials of macro and microfilaricidal drugs in cattle with bovine onchocerciasis. In his research area,he is looking to develop a tool for diagnosis of L. loa in the Chrysops vector.

He is currently a Research Assistant and Head of Animal care and Husbandry Unit at the Research Foundation for Tropical Diseases and the Environment (REFOTDE) - University of Buea, Cameroon. 

He is also doing his doctoral thesis on "The impact of Community Directed Treatment with Ivermectin on Loa Loa in the rainforest areas of Cameroon."