Dr Theresa Hoke

Dr Hoke is the Director of Health Services Research at Fhi360. Collaborating with partners in resource-poor settings, she conducts implementation research to maximize the effectiveness of public health interventions, with expertise in reproductive health and HIV/AIDS services.

She holds an MPH and a PhD in health policy. With over 20 years of experience conducting applied research to maximize the effectiveness of public health interventions; her area of expertise is implementation research to improve health care provider performance and to expand access to effective primary health care services in sub-Saharan Africa.

In her 15 years at Fhi360 she has led multi-disciplinary teams in conducting a full spectrum of activities supporting programmatic research.

Dr Hoke is adept at supporting host country stakeholders in articulating information needs and translating knowledge gaps into research questions. She further collaborates with national and regional health care managers in conducting research, interpreting findings, and applying results to policy and programming.

She has conducted studies in Uganda, Kenya, South Africa, and Zimbabwe to support development of feasible service delivery strategies for integrating HIV/AIDS and reproductive health services. She has led studies to devise evidence-based approaches for increasing the public health impact of male and female condom programming on control of sexually transmitted infection.

Dr. Hoke has also conducted operations research to test the feasibility, acceptability, and effectiveness of family planning service delivery innovations. Her research on provision of injectable contraceptives by community health workers in Madagascar and on provision of inter-uterine contraceptive device services to postpartum women in Rwanda produced evidence supporting national scale-up of those services.