Dr Peter Enyong

Dr Enyong is a renowned entomologist international but most so for Cameroon. He has contributed immensely to the research related to Onchocerciasis, Loaisis and Podoconiosis. He is a co-founder of the Research Foundation for Tropical Diseases & Environment based at the University of Buea. For over three decades, together with his colleague Prof. Samuel Wanji, they have conducted research trials in their laboratory based in Buea and were instrumental in the mapping of Loiaisis and Onchocerciasis in many African countries through the African Programme for Onchocerciasis Control (APOC) before it became defunct in early 2016. 

The work in the laboratory in Buea has seen both Dr Enyong and Prof. Wanji develop their pan-filarial rodent model, which was a breakthrough in small animal models for chemotherapeutic and immunological studies.