Edward Jenner Tettevi

Mr Edward Jenner Tettevi is a Research Scientist at Biomedical and Public Health Research Unit (BMPHRU) of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research- Water Research Institute (CSIR-WRI), and he is also the lead on Malaria, Cancer, Lymphatic filariasis and Onchocerciasis research.

He obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences (Molecular Biology and Biotechnology) from the University of Cape Coast, Ghana in 2008; Master’s degree in medical parasitology in 2014 from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Technology, Ghana. He has a vast knowledge and experience in infectious diseases: - with varied expertise including molecular cell biology, microbiology, molecular xeno-monitoring, bioinformatics, haematology, epidemiology, parasitology and genetics.

His research focus is in the field of parasites response profile to drugs for Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs), molecular dynamics of drug resistance, development of molecular markers for disease surveillance, development of molecular xeno-monitoring assays for infection monitoring and surveillance.

Mr Tettevi has presided over several research assistants over the years and he is the immediate past manager of the Unit’s Laboratories. He has also published in peer-reviewed journals.