External Advisory Panel

External Advisory Panel (EAP)

The EAP is a group of experts in various fields in neglected tropical diseases, health systems, education and social mobilisation advocates. They work in an interdisciplinary way to engage civil society, community health and policy drivers within their countries or organisations at the national and international levels. Membership of the EAP was established through the nomination of candidates (external to any partner institution) with expertise in their key areas after in-country or management committee discussions and agreement. The External Advisory Panel are independent and the members offer a variety of expertise, coming from different countries and organisations.

Responsibilities of the EAP

Specifically, the EAP advises on strategy, taking an overview of the shape, direction and implementation of the research programme to ensure it meets its objectives and guides the programme to use its results and insights to help inform health care best practice and policy. The group acts in an advisory capacity to the COUNTDOWN Partnership and plays an important role in the quality control and oversight of the programme. The EAP members will work closely with our partner leads in-country (Cameroon, Ghana, Nigeria & Liberia) and at the international level with LSTM and FHI360. The COUNTDOWN Programme Management team will act as a focal point of liaison between the EAPs and the programme.